You’ve found one of the best Google Ads experts in the United States. I started working on AdWords accounts in 2003 and currently work as a freelance Google Ads consultant and manager.

I can help you set up new Google Ads accounts, improve your current campaigns, or provide one-on-one consultation and training to help you better understand the health of your keywords and ads.

Stop Wasting Money on Google Ads

Hire an experienced, certified Google Ads freelancer and save thousands of dollars in management fees.

Increased Sales

Higher Quality Search Traffic

Decreased Bounce Rate

Better Quality Scores

Detailed Monthly Reporting

Higher Clickthrough Rate

Better Customer Retention

I never outsource my work and I encourage my clients to provide input as we work together to make their Google Ads account highly profitable.


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Google Ads
Management Services

No contracts. Cancel anytime. You maintain full control of your account.

Management includes monthly PDF reports.

Management is never outsourced.

Includes search, display, video, and shopping campaign optimization.

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Hire an experienced, certified Google Ads freelancer and get higher quality search traffic and better return from your monthly Google Ads budget.


Google Ads Coaching

Consulting sessions are $250 for one hour.

Sessions are recorded and made available the same day.

Chris uses your own Google Ads campaigns during the training.

Limited number of bookings available each week.

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Get 1-on-1 training from Chris. Learn how to build, optimize, and manage Google Ads campaigns for search, display, video, shopping, and remarketing.

Account Audit
New Search Campaigns
New Display Campaigns
Conversion Tracking
Bid Management
Keyword Research

Google Ads Training Membership

Instant access to instructional videos taught by Chris

Learn how to build, optimize, and manage your PPC campaigns.

Practical solutions from an 18 year Google Ads expert and consultant.

New videos added every week

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Weekly Training Videos

Learn basic and advanced strategies of Google Ads

Taught by Chris Schaeffer

"Chris is a true expert on AdWords and made a significant difference for our nonprofit. Very professional, communicative, and informative."

Robyn Payne
& Clothing

"Chris has helped us through many, many campaigns and provided unerring insight, strategy, and detailed administration. It doesn’t get better than Chris."

Jane Doe
B2B Marketing
& Sales

"We were very pleased with Chris's level of expertise, understanding of our needs and ability to communicate. Our project was completed on time and exceeded our expectations."

Brad Crabtree
& Online banking

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